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Get an online store in minutes.

If you can take a photo you can make an online store.

You can also download our Mobile app from store!

Customers using Smartsami will buy from you again and again.

Smartsami for any business

Create a Catalog

Follow the prompts and create a catalog of what you want to sell. Add photos, descriptions, prices.

Engage Customers

Share offers. It is super easy to do. When buyers click on your offers they will join you on Smartsami.

Take Orders

Customers can now buy from you using all current electronic payment methods. And you can continue to make offers to them and get more sales.

Getting set up is easy


Download Smartsami


Follow the prompts to set up your store


Send offers & watch your business grow

Let your customers click and collect.

Your shoppers scan your QR code or click your offer links & join you on Smartsami. Customers collect their favourite stores with a simple click & stay up to date with what you have to offer.

Your store becomes part of your customers shopping network.

Take orders with ease

When orders are created, Smartsami will take care of generating receipts, creating order lists, and making it easy for customers to collect what they have purchased.

Bring back your customers more often.

Once customers become part of your Smartsami, you can easily re-market to them again and again. Send them new offers and watch more customers return again and again.